my chemical romance, elliott smith, crystal castles, shinee, snsd, exo, f(x), block b, panic! at the disco, marina & the diamonds, radiohead, hot sugar, grimes, blink-182, nirvana, green day, florence + the machine, weezer, arctic monkeys, the neighbourhood, lana del rey, the white stripes, waaves, teen suicide, frank ocean, sufjan stevens, violent femmes, sia, skyhill, purity ring, black rebel motorcycle club, depeche mode, rush, metallica, paramore, anamanaguchi, fiona apple, the weeknd, ghost, mindless self indulgence, black flag, misfits, dead kennedys, bjork, brand new, nine inch nails, red hot chili peppers, kmfdm, placebo, mother mother, iron maiden, electric wizard, kyuss, fugazi, smashing pumpkins, mac demarco, primus, wipers, candlemass, suicidal tendencies


astrology (gemini ☼ taurus ☽ gemini ⇪), hermeticism, witchcraft (polytheistic/eclectic), the sacred enneagram (4w5), tarot, crystals, past lives/otherkin (gray wolf/fallen angel/neptune)


crank trilogy, the seven realms, the outsiders, harry potter


malcolm in the middle, breaking bad, parks & recreation, trailer park boys, stranger things, that 70's show, freaks and geeks, rick and morty, bojack horseman, orange is the new black, the outsiders, hellraiser, what we do in the shadows


history, food, fashion, graphic design, space, graveyards/cemeteries, clowns, horror, psychology, true love, concerts, amusement parks/carnivals, old web graphics, alt subcultures, sunrises & sunsets